#645 Hustling hobo's courage

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Zen Museum #645-Hustling hobo's courage By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

Hustling hobo's courage, hidden

Behind disturbance to passersby.


To me, obvious, yet ignored more

Than most because of insistence,

But noticed is my envy.


For bravery to annoy me & all

Those people overlooking them.

Den Bosch doesn't have much of a homelessness problem. They exist, and some are consistently on specific corners to beg, but most of those aren't even homeless. I love walking, and the city is a beautiful place to explore (though the same buildings can only amaze so many times.) Although it's a little bit away, many of my walks include it. This one guy has asked me many times to either give him some money or to help him buy weed from a coffeeshop (though I'm not (anymore), probably because I look like the type of guy to smoke.) Another time, I saw two of them stand on top of one another to climb over the (open) fence of the Sint-jan. They asked if I could lend them a hand; I couldn't've acted more ignorant of the situation. But whatever you think of them, and I don't personally care to demean or belittle them, their courage to interact with people who want little to do with them is commendable. However much they are outcasts, in many ways, they're more socially inclined than at least me and probably numerous others.

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