#644 Slave to impulses

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Zen Museum #644-Slave to impulses By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

Slave to impulses, happily

Cave to misguided good, devastated

Staring at self-inflicted

Looming certainty.


Yet, who don't concede

Barely feel but may

Learn to view real

Need as meaning.

Whenever I've got any semblance of a good idea, which often is just something to complain about, I've got a tendency to express it multiple times in a short period. So, this is just another piece complaining about being hungry but then disguised by something more abstract to not bore you or me with a stale story (and to appear more intelligent). Impulses drive everything you've ever done and ever will do. Which I don't think is much of a problem most of the time, but some of those impulses will be for things you know you shouldn't do. You may give in, suffering the consequences you knew would exist, then later complain about those, or you can, and will often, not. Maybe you'll try very hard never to submit, you'll get none of the drawbacks and none of the dopamine, and now you're bored; is this even a life worth living? And once again, you'll go back to a hedonistic lifestyle that'll at least keep you entertained while you're capable of it: this is happiness.


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