Hi I'm Zen Dageraad, I've lived in Den Bosch for my entire life and currently, I live in a museum

If you want to know more about the coolest Den Bosch Museum, this is the right place to be

About the coolest Den Bosch museum

On the 8th of June 2021 at 16:45 I numbered my first art piece, since then I've numbered 654 more. Most of these can be found in my museum. My home isn't that large so only a small part of my collection is on display, I'm working on expanding my museum so that I can show more of my collection, everything that doesn't fit can be found in binder maps. I also live and make art in my museum so it's a unique experience to visit.

There's one large wall of recent drawings, all of my other walls contain art in a chronological sequence, though many pieces have been left out

Want to visit my Den Bosch museum?

This is my home, and my studio, so I'll only allow people that I'd be comfortable with, so if you're interested in visiting the coolest Den Bosch museum you can contact me at [email protected] and let me know why you'd like to visit (and why I shouldn't be scared of you!)

But what art is on display in the coolest Den Bosch museum?

Not all my art is on zenmuseum yet, but at least the following pieces can be found on my walls in my Den Bosch museum