#643 Seeing yourself waiting

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Zen Museum #643-Seeing yourself waiting By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

Seeing yourself waiting

While wanting the train to

Show up & ship,


Just part of you, southward


Vital for survival,

Climbing aboard

Wondering how the

Other half lives

The topic of this art piece is a boring situation. Few people get excited by having to wait. I certainly don't care much for it, but I'll try to convince you why you should. If you're waiting and look around, you will notice something interesting, at least if you allow yourself to be entertained by the otherwise unremarkable. This piece specifically was about waiting for the train. Nowadays, I don't take the train often, but I recently wanted to go to the office, so I had to. Next to the countless people, which already makes paid attention worth it (nothing else to spend it on either), I also noticed an old lady carrying four bikes, the bluest tomatoes, rain without clouds, a dog walking his human, and a flying train, all just within the one trip. But the most intriguing thing I've ever noticed was myself on a different platform. As you may expect, I was waiting, and to my concern, I looked bored, like I wished I would be anywhere else (but I couldn't). Seeing myself in that state made me incredibly disappointed.


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