#642 Hunger

For Sale
Zen Museum #642-Hunger By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

Hunger may motivate great ordinary

Individuals into captivating vessels

Lead, by critical plaguing desires,

Seemingly too ubiquitous,

To preordained consequences


Still missing passion to eat

Makes me wish starvation

Overtakes any sense keeping

Cutlery from canvas

If you analyze my life (and are a little weird), it could appear like, since the age of 14, I keep gaining weight, just so that I can lose it again, so that I can gain it again, on repeat. Since moving out, I had to relearn how to feed myself, including, for some reason, that you can't keep food in the fridge for that long and that I can't handle having snacks around as I'll never stop eating them. Recently, I've been trying to lose weight again. Even when I eat whatever I want, I'm always hungry, so it's rough. Unrelated, I've also been trying to get better at selling my art, which is difficult because when I'm free from my job, I don't want to spend it on another instead of working on my art. In that sense, ironically, because I'm not "hungry" enough, it's hard to get better at selling my art, though this is as much a privilege. But some days, I daydream about my hunger for food overtaking my ability to reason so that I'll start eating my art. I'm sure that'll make it sell.


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