#641 Boy in skirt

Zen Museum #641-Boy in skirt By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

Boy in skirt, lost

To certain erosion of

Omnipresent othering words

Now, never normal nonetheless, envious

Of old assumed unbotheredness

Sure of disinterest in

Skirts, knowing it won't

Ever again truly be his

Vaguely, I remember a boy in a skirt at one point, lying on a couch, sleeping, sucking his thumb. I don't and can't know if it's true, but lying there, he looks so unbothered by it all, just living his life exactly how he wants, at least as far as a child can do whatever he wants. My parents try to make me believe that I used to be that boy, but I know that can't be true. I've never been so chill, not even while I'm sleeping, or at least it's hard to imagine. I also couldn't imagine wanting to wear a skirt, but my parents tell me it's true. There's really no issue here. I don't want to wear skirts anymore, if I did, I would. Except that I'm scared that they took that decision from me and that I wouldn't want to, even if I tried, and if I did want to, I wouldn't do it. But it's easier to not think about it and to do what I enjoy. It's not like I'm that normal anyway.


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