#640 Locked out

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Zen Museum #640-Locked out By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

Locked out, staring

Waiting until the discriminatory

Door gives up, knowing

I should ring the dangerous

Bell of my barely real

Neighbors, surely at home


Anxiety is friendlier

Then any residence

Yet, stress, from inaccessibility

Of my safest place

Temporarily, blinds

Great irrational fears

Then I arrived "home" without even a keyfob in my possession. They took that away from me, too. I should've just rang the doorbell of one of my neighbors. It took about an hour for another resident to walk by, and from the moment I noticed them, I somehow sensed they would be using a different door. Instead of following them, I decided I'd rather wait some more. Only thirty minutes later, someone from the correct door arrived. I mustered up the courage to follow them, and when they were about to open the door, their keyfob didn't work -- the door, not my keyfob, was broken this whole time. We exchanged some quick words, but I couldn't handle the internal awkwardness and decided to move to the other door. Nobody else would arrive for two hours, so I finally rang a doorbell. When I pulled the front door, I noticed that someone had put a screw in the door so anyone could open it. Who knows for how long this had been the case? Of course, I learned a lot from the situation -- mainly that I should buy a ladder so I could climb onto the first floor when necessary.


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