#639 The keymaker

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Zen Museum #639-The keymaker By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

The keymaker, gatekeeper of

Access to the gatekeepers -- necessary

In treacherous places

Protecting objects essential for

A worthy existence


The desperate final resource

To reduce dissociation induced when

Identifying possessions are

Locked behind the gates used

For protection from strangers,

Now including you

The apartment building I moved to has an electronic lock that needs a keyfob to open. I only received one, a fact that irritated me the day I moved in, but the rent is cheap, so it's hard to complain. One day, when I came home from a walk, the front door didn't open anymore, so I went to another that didn't open either. I've never felt so vulnerable. Of course, I assumed that my keyfob was the problem, and anxiously I called a keymaker to replace it, who told me I had to come over, which I did. Surrounded by many large keys, the keymaker skeptically asked me what was in front of my apartment building. I assumed to figure out whether I lived there, and nervously, I thought and, after a minute, crying, I said I didn't know. The keymaker, now confused, asked me why I was crying, to which I again responded I didn't know before the keymaker told me they ordered my key and I could go. So humiliated, I walked back home to a locked apartment complex.


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