#638 Happily walking my life away

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Zen Museum #638-Happily walking my life away By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

Happily walking my life away;

Steps performed at the speed of

An ordinary human, dragging this

Lasting but ever-changing body

To entertain or survive


Slower than the laziest wheels;

Shaving some of the seemingly

Endlessness, relishing in whatever

Perspectives determined to come by

There are many ways you can travel to most locations you need to go, and there's only one almost universal: walking. Even though that's an intriguing idea, it doesn't influence my love for the transportation method much. Frankly, I struggle to understand why I love it so much -- I'm Dutch, so maybe it's because biking is just too prevalent, making walking another way to feel unique. My parents think I'm crazy. They also think it's weird that I don't repair my bike or get a driver's license. But I'm content with walking -- toward public transit if necessary. Walking seems to suit me. I don't move or go outside enough, or rather, I wouldn't if it weren't for walking. There's also so much time in our lives, and a lot of it we waste on dopamine machines; walking is an alright alternative to that. And finally (and this is a secret), it's how I find all the ideas for my art. I'm not sure who leaves them there, but throughout the city (and surrounding area), someone ditches all these great, free ideas I pick up, which nobody else ever seems to. Maybe they're all too busy to look around.


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