#646 Innate hero complex

Zen Museum #646-Innate hero complex By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

Innate hero complex, apparent

In suspected daydreams

Shamefully supplementing most dull &

Some eventful moments


To live not as noteworthy is

A madness I hoped I could face;

Now dreamt away

Only during the day

I'm talking to an art collector and explaining my art in a museum. I keep saying these cool-sounding, fascinating sentences. Any question they ask me, I somehow know the perfect response to -- they're amazed by my cleverness. I turn the corner, and an ordinary (for Den bosch) yet beautiful building that I've looked at a thousand times before but for the first time see appears and slips me out of any other thought I might've had, in this case, what I think is a daydream. I don't KNOW if it's a daydream, but unlike other thoughts, in all of them, I'm in scenarios where I'm a hero of some kind. It's hard to talk about because it's embarrassing and not something you remember. So I'll let your imagination fill in the blanks; it's either grandiose fantasies, what I should say to my colleagues or family when I see them again, or what I should've said in the past.


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