#635 Stairs At Night

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Zen Museum #635-Stairs At Night By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

Impressive sights are often boring

While ordinary views may cause emotions

Sometimes something changes

Then, you may notice phenomenal perspectives

Possibly anywhere you look

Not because of the differences

Those are just an excuse to look around

It's the change in mindset

That can make the bland, beautiful

Differences in light and visibility change scenes much, and not at all. It's easy to not care about impressive sights and, at the same time, to feel very passionate, maybe even emotional, about an ordinary backyard. More so than any changes in the atmosphere, it's a different mindset that can suddenly transform an uninteresting building into a masterpiece. Often, a change in the scene is just an excuse to look around, and when you do that, looking for great perspectives, they, however impossibly slowly moving, even creep up on you. And there's no way to preserve it; a picture will never capture the same feelings, as they're part of the mindset, and any description or imitation will be a weak copy (at best). All you can do is enjoy it and maybe be inspired, knowing the great impression this made on you. Or, perhaps I'm just bad at what I do -- here are the stairs of the Library in the heart of Den Bosch, shining bright in the dark.


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