#636 Blind Guy's World

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Zen Museum #636-Blind Guy's World By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

A blind guy once explained

The experience of his daily life

Which I only partially understood

But because I was out of ideas

And captivated anyhow

I tried my best to capture

The little I could

In early February, I walked into the Citadel in Den Bosch to look at one of the great perspectives of the city. I sat down on a bench, listening to Echoes. A little later, a guy I had noticed a minute before found the bench. I assumed he also wanted to enjoy the view. ""I don't care much about the concrete,"" he told me. He mustn't have noticed my headphones, or maybe he didn't care, and because I didn't want to make it awkward and was severely confused, I responded, which I wouldn't typically: ""What do you enjoy?"" I was mostly confused because the perspective we were looking at contained no concrete. And without thinking, he explained: ""Solid shapes, depth, dots. Colors do nothing for me."" Part of this seems reasonable, but sometimes, when someone gives me a subjective opinion I don't share, I can't believe them. Then, I knew it was time to leave. I hadn't been able to enjoy the perspective much since noticing the guy anyway, and now he wasn't making much sense. I told him he had some good taste and that I had to go. Only when I had left the Citadel and walked next to the water I noticed he was blind -- because while flying away from the bench, he crashed into the bridge. So, in his honor, I recreated that guy's world, or at least what I could understand from his confusing opinions.


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