#634 Looking All Ways With My Headphones On

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Zen Museum #634-Looking All Ways With My Headphones On By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

My mom always tells me

To be careful with my headphones on

But honestly, it's my long hair that is the danger

Because sometimes, I take a wrong turn

And the roads will go in strange directions

I'll look all ways, nonstop, but it's quiet, almost like

I'm the only one alive, and cars never existed

Then, my insanity is the danger

When I'm about to walk homeward from my weekly visit, my mom, after I've just declined her offer to drive me back, says: ""Be careful, especially with those headphones on."" If I wanted to die, I wouldn't do it by walking off into traffic, so, of course, I'll make sure to be careful -- looking every way imaginable multiple times. Honestly, and please don't tell her this, it's not the headphones that are dangerous; I can hear the cars. It's the hair that, more than my glasses, makes me practically blind. Sometimes, I make a weird turn, and all roads start going in different directions and dimensions. I still look all ways, but it's quiet, like cars never existed, for the whole 50-minute walk. Then, the insanity inflicted on me is more dangerous than traffic could ever be. Luckily, when I'm back home, working on my art, I'll forget all about it, and my parents, and the need to look all ways.


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