#633 Staring At My Incomplete Work

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Zen Museum #633-Staring At My Incomplete Work By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

I've never wasted

A minute staring at

My incomplete work

Then, when a piece is complete

That passion is gone

There's much less to see

When the decisions

Have been made

If you ever caught me like this, which you never could, it would be easy to assume that despair is tormenting me. Yes, I might be frustrated, but somehow, this is the most satisfying and worthwhile activity to pursue. Often, I complain about not having enough time (to work on my art). And this takes many minutes, multiple times a day when I would otherwise be busy painting. While torture wouldn't be able to uncover what I'm thinking while sitting there, I've never wasted a minute staring at my incomplete work. Then, when a piece is complete, I never look at it with the same passion. I still love (and hate) it, but there's so much less to see when you've already made all the decisions.


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