#632 Most Vivid Recent Memories Are dreams

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Zen Museum #632-Most Vivid Recent Memories Are dreams By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

Recently odd situations
That only happened
In my head
Have become vivid memories
Reality is losing potency
And I don't care
Because a beggar who
Spent half his life dreaming
That he's a king
Is a king waking up
To be a beggar

Sometimes, while reflecting on my life, it's hard to determine how long certain aspects have been present. An example is that (maybe recently), throughout my day, I have some memory of an odd situation that only ever happened in my head. Yet such a memory often still feels as vivid as the memories about my recent visit to my parents, when I went to a poetry night or a walk I went on. I don't know if I'm ever confused whether a memory is real or not -- I don't think I am, but if they feel as vivid, how could I know? And should I even care? A beggar I once knew spent half his life dreaming he was a king; the guy was just a king waking up to be a beggar.

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