#626 Another Bird Over Water

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Zen Museum #626-Another Bird Over Water By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

A bird flies by over
Water with ease
Do you think it knows
The depths it's surpassing?
Few do because
It's either benign or impossible
Which leaves no reason to consider
Anything except the reasonable

Don't remember or care where, but I noticed a bird flying over water. What a free creature. Do you think it understands the depths it's flying over with such ease? Few do. It reminded me of another time (the 16th of September, 2022) when I saw a similar bird flying over similar water, and I decided to draw it (#386). So now, because of that loser, I have to feel unoriginal about an idea I feel strongly about. But the joke's on that guy, I never was original. Only the insane ever do anything new, and I haven't lost it yet. And that's the key: accepting there are probably four billion other people who have had the exact idea you feel so passionate about. If you're lucky, you'll convince some that you thought it better.


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