#627 Even Sober Months Disappear

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Zen Museum #627-Even Sober Months Disappear By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

Every couple of seconds
A day seems to pass
When I got high daily
I thought getting
Sober would help
But even now
Months still disappear

I'm sure that humans invented language in part so that they could better complain about time going fast. So here's the obvious: somehow, it feels like, at least when looking back, every couple of seconds, a day passes. Habits are something my brain likes. When I was using drugs, this also quickly became a habit. While it was, time evaporated, and I spent much of it on useless dopamine machines. In hopes of slowing down time, in part by spending it better, I decided to get sober. And now, even sober, spending my time better, months are disappearing.


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