#625 Another Lonely New Year

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Zen Museum #625-Another Lonely New Year By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

Another new year's eve
Spent alone
Seeing the parties outside
Reminded me of the ones
I hated being at
In the past
And for some reason
It all got me feeling
A little lonely

It's almost 12. I look outside and see groups of people coming from their apartments. Out of nowhere, I feel lonely. The feeling wasn't wrong; I had been alone all day, if not all week, but I usually don't feel like it. Seeing those people reminded me of the parties I had been to in the past -- which I mostly hated going to. I didn't go to many. People who like parties are faking it. At least, I can't understand it, other than it being an excuse for getting high (which, when I still got high, I had no trouble doing on my own). I think I feel lonely, not because I'm not around people, but because I don't want to be.


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