#622 Finally alone

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Zen Museum #622-Finally alone By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

One dark and cold walk
In the Bosche Broek
There was a distant figure
Who appeared all alone
Though I'm solitary
And sometimes I
Desire more connections
It still made me jealous

Being alone is fantastic. Or so I tell myself. I'm conflicted, as I refuse to engage in behavior that would result in me not being alone (because I don't want to do those things), but sometimes I get the urge to connect to others. Even then, it's challenging to be completely alone. In my apartment, where I live alone, my many neighbors, make noise sometimes . And otherwise, the cars driving by would. If all of those are somehow quiet, there's also still this device that puts sounds in my ears, which I could remove, but what's the point? One of the ways to fully be alone is to go for a walk in a more secluded area. This painting is inspired by walking past the Bosche Broek. It was cold and dark, and within, I saw a tiny figure who seemed all alone. I was, and still am, jealous.


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