#621 Parents In Mirror

Zen Museum #621-Parents In Mirror By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

Every time I look
In the mirror
My parents are
More apparent
They're smiling and
So am I because
Even though they're flawed
They're some of my
Favorite artists

The older I get, the more I start recognizing my parents in myself. I'm not even that old yet, so I fear the similarities will only get more apparent with time. Even though she might not like or admit it, the same is true for my sister. I'm sure there are many more positive similarities than negative, but my sister and I love complaining about our parents, and nobody likes being a hypocrite. I guess it's a small cost for something as fun as complaining. Then there's my art. As an artist, it's horrible to be stale. My art isn't like anything my parents have ever done. And when I'm delusional enough, I hope that my art isn't like anything anyone has ever done. But it's hard not to compare my parents' work with many of the characteristics that, I think, are important for making good art.

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