#623 High Water In Den Bosch

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Zen Museum #623-High Water In Den Bosch By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

There was high water
In Den Bosch
Which made the usually beautiful city
More remarkable and
Made me think about
Rising sea levels that might
Swallow us all
But there's nothing I can do
So I just enjoyed the sights

I don't know much about many things (like most people). How and why the water inside of Den Bosch goes up or down is one of those things. Recently, it rained a lot, maybe that's why? But it often rains, and the water rarely consumes the city. Anyway, so there was high water in Den Bosch, which I walk through frequently, and it was a pleasant sight. Some benches I sometimes sit on are now inaccessible because of it. And boats that typically relax on the water are now swallowed up by it. Sometimes I think about if the rising sea level will inevitably result in much worse consequences for Den Bosch (I guess the Netherlands in general, but who cares about places you never or rarely visit). There's nothing I can do to help that. So I won't worry about it either. Hopefully, if the water does end up swallowing us all, it'll at least be beautiful.


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