#607 Bird On Ledge

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Zen Museum #607-Bird On Ledge By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

Sometimes I
Wish I was
A bird
On a ledge
Enjoying life
In the fresh air
Looking over
Great distances

I don't remember when, but at some point, during some walk, I must've seen some birds on a ledge and thought: 'Now that's a sight I must replicate in my art.' My sister swears that it was during a walk we went on together. To make her feel special, I told her it was true. Frankly, I don't remember, and often, I need to be alone to get any ideas, so I doubt it. It's not like my ideas are that deep. They're mainly just ordinary things. But when I put myself in a specific mindset, these typical things make me feel something, so I write them down to work on later. And when I start working on those ideas, I regularly forget why I wanted to draw them and how it made me feel. That's fine because I wrote it down, which means that it must be an idea worth developing. This piece is about a bird on a ledge, looking over a larger landscape. I would love to join the bird and experience the sight.


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