#608 Only Light In Window

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Zen Museum #608-Only Light In Window By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

Here's a tip
For anyone
Wanting to see
Something cool
Wait until
It's getting dark
And look at all
The lit-up windows
You'll see many lives
Which you'll

Never experience

This time of year is so dark here. I thought the shortest day of the year was a month before it was. I made the same mistake last year. And again, when I realized we would have another month of ever shorter days, it made me incredibly sad. Regardless, something I now realize I've missed in the summer months is that in the dark world, the lightest parts are the insides of houses. I might have missed this because I don't go outside that much when it's late, so I don't see the darkness in the summer, or because during the summer, people have a lot of time to realize it's getting dark, so they often close their blinds, and somehow they forget to do it when it's dark earlier. The result is that now, during my walks, I get to look around and see all the fascinating rooms inside all the buildings.


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