#606 Stoned Party

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Zen Museum #606-Stoned Party By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

Parties are just
An excuse
To get high
Which is okay
But I'd rather
Be alone
Whether I'm
Getting high or
Staying sober

I used to get stoned a lot. Nowadays, I'm sober, but I doubt I'm completely over it yet. Regardless, I don't go to many parties, and the ones I did go to, naturally, I would get stoned at. Parties are just an excuse for people to get high on whatever substances, feeling like they're not addicted because they only do so when at parties. Part of the reason I don't see a reason to go to parties is that I'm not sure if there's any benefit to getting high with people around you over getting high alone. So, I would choose to get high on my own. I can only imagine that other people get something from the social interactions that I don't. Or maybe it exclusively is that they don't want to feel bad about their drug habits. But this painting isn't about any of that at all. It's just that Moai reminded me of being at some of those parties. Man, I love Moai. They convey such emotion I can look at them for ages.


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