#567 Railway

Zen Museum #567-Railway By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

watching the tracks
journeys flowing
yearning to go
yet anchored
in den bosch

In the vibrant city of Den Bosch, an art piece captures the essence of movement and stillness, intertwined with the soul's yearning for adventure. Zen Dageraad, drawing from the hum of daily life, has crafted an image that resonates deeply with the wanderer in all of us. His piece portrays a striking red railway, each section painted with varying intensities, standing bold against yellow beams of light. This scene is further contrasted by a blue ground, meticulously divided into unique shapes, each filled with its own shade of blue. As one gazes upon this vivid depiction, the words come to mind: "watching the tracks, journeys flowing away. Yearning to go, yet anchored still in Den Bosch." This is not just art; it's an emotion, a call to the wanderlust that lies dormant within us.


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