#568 Matisse's Shame

Zen Museum #568-Matisse's Shame By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

matisse said
he was ashamed of his
older work
no need
of course
but sure
i get it
i know what you mean

Inspired by the poignant reflections of Henri Matisse on his past creations, Zen Dageraad presents a profound visual narrative that interlaces with the words: "so matisse said he was ashamed of his older work. No need, of course, but sure, I get it matisse. I know what you mean." This sentiment, echoed by many artists including Zen Dageraad, underscores the evolution of an artist’s perspective over time. Zen Dageraad's piece is a vibrant tableau of emotions. At its forefront, a blue-green canvas, touched by a pink brush, stands proud, framed in passionate red. Behind it, an orange window captures the viewer's gaze. A luminescent yellow light cascades from a green string, illuminating the scene. The backdrop features three purple stripes, each filled with varying shades, crafting a room that resonates with the soul's introspection.


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