#566 Birds Over The Sint Jan

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Zen Museum #566-Birds Over The Sint Jan By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

birds over the saint jan
i just had to capture
the moment
they are free to
keep flying

Venture into an idyllic realm through Zen Dageraad's serene portrayal of the majestic Sint Jan amidst a charming atmosphere in Den Bosch. The art piece exquisitely encapsulates a fleeting moment, where a flock of birds whimsically graces the sky above the historical edifice. As articulated in the accompanying poem, this artwork resonates with the simplistic yet profound idea of capturing transient beauty whilst allowing it the freedom to flourish. A glance at the piece unveils the artist's meticulous attention to detail, manifesting in the various shades of orange that intricately define the structure, contrasted against the blue that adorns the windows, door, clockwork, and cross. The nuanced palette extends to the environment as well with the yellow-bricked floor encircled by a touch of purple, under a green sky that harmoniously houses pink birds in flight. Within this picture-perfect frame, the essence of the poem finds a visual counterpart. The narrative sketches a calm yet liberating scenario, “birds over the saint jan, I just had to capture the moment, still, they are free to keep flying,” resonating a tranquil symmetry between the poetic verse and the illustrative scene.


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