#565 Need To Be More Free

Zen Museum #565-Need To Be More Free By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

me & my art
look at me
i wannabe
more free

The narrative unfolds in a realm where self-expression clashes with the unyielding chains of conformity, embodied in the form of a mesmerizing artwork. At its core is a quest, a quest for unbounded creativity, encapsulated in a poem - 'me & my art, look at me, floating, I wannabe, more free, drawing, floating, free.' This potent narrative is brought to life by Zen Dageraad through a poignant portrayal of a blue figure with streaks of green in its hair, floating in a dimension defying space. The image projects the artist's inner turmoil and his yearning to break free into a realm of unrestricted artistic expression. Grasping a pencil, the figure tirelessly sketches on a red canvas, seeking to mold the shackles that bind it into keys of liberation. The contrasting shades of yellow symbolize the varying degrees of entanglement and freedom, with each side casting a different shade, reflecting the evolving emancipation of Zen’s creativity. This evocative blend of poem and visual art not only drives a deeper engagement but also renders a silent yet potent voice to the innate desires of the artist. The picture is a beautiful chaos, resonating with the beats of unrestrained freedom and unfulfilled desires, echoing the sentiments of every creator striving to break free from the mundane.


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