#558 Lights and trees

Zen Museum #558-Lights and trees By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

not a road to nowhere
nor the yellow brick road
just a peaceful street
with lights & trees

In Zen Dageraad's evocative art piece, the serenity of a neighborhood street in Den Bosch unfurls against a vivid color palette. The narrative is elegantly embroidered with a poignant, short verse – a meditation on the tranquil avenue laden with lights and trees, rather than a bustling highway or a fanciful path from a tale. The poetic illustration, through modest phrases, likens the street to neither a "road to nowhere" nor "the yellow brick road," but a "peaceful street with lights & trees," a sentiment deeply mirrored in the artwork. As one traverses this tranquil landscape, a red road marked with yellow lanes gently cradles the scene, flanked by a pink sidewalk subtly diminishing in size as it stretches upward on the canvas. On the left, purple streetlights with warm, orange glows stand guard, their light tenderly bathing the way. To the right, the sidewalk is bordered by lush verdancy, where the soothing green of tree trunks and leaves quietly converse with the blue-green earth they root in. The trees, like the sidewalk, gradually taper off in size as they reach farther into the piece, a beautiful metaphor perhaps, of life’s journey. It's not just a mere portrayal of a street, but an invitation to find beauty and peace in the ordinary, echoing the artist's deep appreciation for the serene streetscape near his residence.


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