#559 Wish I Believed

Zen Museum #559-Wish I Believed By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

wish i believed
an eye-in-the-sky
could make me happy
could tell me why
& where i will go
the day that i die

Discover an evocative artwork that explores existential contemplation through visual narrative and poetic expression. Zen Dageraad’s piece brings forth an inner dialogue concerning faith and the infinite, illustrated through vivid imagery married to a poignant poem. The poem tenderly expresses a yearning for belief, an existential reach for understanding beyond the mundane — it's a delicate whisper for answers from an 'eye-in-the-sky', seeking elucidation on life’s mysteries and the journey post-mortem. The narrative unfolds within a tranquil scene, subtly dichotomous in its portrayal of a human figure and a godly visage. The human, depicted in a warm pink hue, seems joyous, almost in a dialogue with the celestial face in cool blue that's turned away, embodying a divine entity. This exchange occurs on a narrowing light red path, symbolizing life's journey toward the elusive divine understanding, set against a serene blue-green landscape that subtly transitions in shades, adding a soft depth to the quandary at hand. Key details like a sturdy tree with an orange trunk and lively green foliage, along with four purple birds dotting the sky and terrain, add layers of life and color to this philosophical tableau. The sky, partitioned into varying shades of blue, mirrors the human’s quest, ever-changing yet constant. The playful interchange between colors and elements illustrates a harmonious yet questioning dialogue between the mortal and the divine, evoking a beautiful, reflective melancholy.

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