#557 Dark Side Of The Moon

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Zen Museum #557-Dark Side Of The Moon By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

my sister is
the moon &
a starry night
i wish i knew
how to make it right

Immerse in the ethereal narrative exuded by Zen Dageraad's poignant art piece, a juxtaposition of melancholy and celestial beauty. The work envelopes viewers in an otherworldly tableau, exemplified by a central moon with contrasting visages. A harmonious blend of colors narrates a somber yet sublime tale - the light blue on the open-eyed left, shifts to a dark blue on the closed-eyed right. The face, encased in a tender pink outline, releases a green tear from its veiled eye, symbolizing hidden anguish amidst cosmic elegance. Zen Dageraad's artwork is an ode to the tranquil yet melancholic nuances of his sister's disposition, vividly depicted against a background dotted with yellow stars and blanketed in vibrant purple. The emotional resonance is deepened by the tender verses, "my sister is both the moon & a starry night, I wish I knew how to make it right." Every stroke and hue melds with the evocative lines, crafting a dialogue between melancholy and hope, echoing the haunting tunes of "The Dark Side of the Moon" that inspired this visual narrative.


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