#556 Geese On The Road Again

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Zen Museum #556-Geese On The Road Again By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

just two geese
on the road again
happily oblivious
to being blue geese
on a yellow road
inspiring meaning

On a serene walk through the outskirts of Den Bosch, Zen Dageraad captures a poignant moment: two geese, one slightly darker than the other, sauntering along a winding yellow road. Oblivious to their vibrant blue hue, they move with purpose against a tapestry of contrasting shades of pink, which subtly graduate from a deep tone at the base to a soft pastel at the zenith. This road, outlined in a bold red, meanders from the bottom left, disappearing and re-emerging, creating a rhythmic dance across the canvas. Two trees, one with light green leaves and the other with a darker shade, provide an earthy balance with their orange branches.


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