#555 Don't Worry Be Happy

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Zen Museum #555-Don't Worry Be Happy By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

the song is right
great advice & very wise
somebody should tell
this poor yellow fellow
how to just be mellow

Amidst a vibrant landscape, a solitary yellow figure with a somber red mouth and whimsical purple hair sits dejectedly. Its arms tucked behind its head in a pose of melancholy, this "poor yellow fellow" contrasts sharply with the uplifting message: "the song is right, great advice & very wise." Seated on an unstable red bench—one leg dangling in the air—it rests on a rich purple ground casting an ominous shadow. From this earth sprouts a vivacious orange flower, its petals painted a shade darker, signifying hope. Above, the light blue waters ripple, as three radiant orange birds fly freely. The scene transitions to blue-green terrain, where a lively orange figure strides confidently. This transitions into lush green grounds dotted with bushes, overshadowed by towering dark green trees. High above, a unique tree flourishes, its light green leaves adorned with yellow, purple, and red dots, all under a deep blue sky. Zen Dageraad's masterpiece prompts reflection on life's highs and lows.


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