#554 Infinity Dawn

Zen Museum #554-Infinity Dawn By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

what’s in a name?
if your parents named you
Zen Dageraad
it means this could be
a self portrait
if you wanted it to be

Drawing inspiration from a birth card, Zen Dageraad offers a vibrant portrayal of dawn, emblematic of his very name. The canvas is graced with a radiant sun at its zenith, outlined in a majestic purple, encircled by a soft orange halo, dotted with hints of blue. This sunlit aura is set against a cerulean sky, speckled with orange, reminiscent of the first light. Below, a lush expanse of green trees stretches out, giving way to a deeper orange reflection of the sun, mirrored in its intensity with blue dots. The scene culminates in a serene expanse of dark blue water, punctuated with orange flecks. Poetically, one might ponder.


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