#551 Windowless

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Zen Museum #551-Windowless By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

so i found this awesome place
with this tall wall & only a door
windowless really
i wonder
if i would have been as inspired
had i known
this used to be the jailhouse

Amidst the historical aura of Den Bosch, an arresting sight emerges: a tall, majestic purple wall, interrupted solely by a green-blue door. This door, distinct with its three tints of green-blue and a wheelchair ramp, is an emblem of accessibility amidst solitude. Adjacently, another dark purple wall reveals a trio of colored windows—blue at the top, green in the middle, and orange at the base. Mirroring this, yet another wall showcases windows with lights matching these colors, each revealing a unique scene within. To the left, a dark red fence atop a ledge, borders a serene body of water. In it, a boat—shaded in gradients of orange—floats. Nearby, a verdant patch of land cradles a tree, its leaves a symphony of three greens. A yellow checkers pattern surrounds the door, outlined in pink, just as every element in the piece. Zen Dageraad, through his art, captures the juxtaposition of inspiration and history, where the erstwhile confinements become today's muse.


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