#552 Too Contrarian To Be Sad

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Zen Museum #552-Too Contrarian To Be Sad By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

i am not sad

it might be
i don’t wanna be
another sad zoomer?

i am not sure

don’t wanna be cool
don’t wanna be sad
don’t know why

& there is that

A commentary on the contemporary sentiment of the Zoomer generation. At its heart, a green face with distinctive features – a full left eye contrasting with a right-facing one, eyebrows extending into the nose and ear, a subtle mole, a hint of a mustache, and an infectious laughter. The face's rich green hue, outlined with a deeper green, contrasts starkly against the lighter blue that dominates the top, symbolizing perhaps a rare moment of joy in a sea of melancholy. Flowing from the top is a cascade of hair, outlined in light yellow but filled with a more intense shade, embodying vibrant energy and movement. But at the base lie three red frowning faces, underscoring the prevalent sadness. Between them, a deeper blue pervades, drawing a line between jubilation and sorrow. Accompanying the image is a poignant verse that contemplates sadness and identity: "i am not sad... & there is that."

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