#550 Same All Over

Zen Museum #550-Same All Over By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

unrelated to

but inspired by

the same all over

by canned heat


cool people


& me


on the outskirts

of den bosch

Immerse yourself in Zen Dageraad's captivating visual interpretation of a classic hippy blues anthem, where the core motif centers on the ubiquity of cool people. This tranquility-infused depiction resonates with the song's serene vibes, portraying the outskirts of Den Bosch through the artist's unique lens. The artwork portrays a peaceful scene dominated by a bench in varying shades of blue-green, against a backdrop of harmonious pink hues. Saturated green bushes punctuate the soothing expanse, their verdant branches offset by the blush-colored fields beyond. Four diminutive blue bodies dot the landscape, leading the eye upwards towards a straight river, its path illuminated by a light blue lining. An orange house graces the field, its dark red windows casting a silent invitation to its serene interiors. The landscape concludes in a forest of minuscule trees, their leaves a vivid dark green, standing tall against the pink ground and a sky of a deeper shade. The contrast between clouds and a purple sun creates a captivating skyline. The resultant purple light outlines the bench, bushes, and tree branches, subtly tying the elements together in an atmospheric harmony. Zen Dageraad invites you on a journey to discover that wherever you are, there are cool people, peace, and happiness.


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