#544 Family

Zen Museum #544-Family By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad


happy family



even though

there’s always


in their sky


even though

their moon

might cry

i know they try

Discover the narrative depths and symbolic resonance in Zen Dageraad's vivid creation. The piece eloquently illustrates a family's complex dynamic under a stormy metaphorical sky, personifying life's perennial challenges. Three vibrant, green figures are prominently featured; a representation of Zen's mother, holding an embodiment of Valentijn, and his father, brushing a radiant sun onto the backdrop. Their resilience shines, even as an overcast cloud shrouds them. A moon in the corner weeps, reflecting melancholy and struggle, juxtaposed by a wall embellished with twinkling stars. Across the room, a purple door on another wall implies untold stories and potential exits. Above it all, the sun, bifurcated in colors, echoes Zen's personal journey, portraying himself amidst the familial landscape. Dominating the scene, ominous blue clouds cast an expressive face upon the family, while varying shades of pink create dimensional depth, manifesting the emotional spectrum within the familial setting. This masterful blend of colors, symbols, and emotions is a testament to Zen's keen artistic and introspective prowess. Despite the looming cloud, the family persists, embodying resilience and hope, and painting their own sunshine.


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