#545 Eno And Fripp

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Zen Museum #545-Eno And Fripp By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad


walking & listening

to eno & fripp

i wanted to draw

something simple

& great

like this tree that i saw

but wait

my tree

ended up

as you might see


a psychedelic trip

Experience the profound connectivity between music, nature, and visual art in Zen Dageraad's newest piece. Inspired by the atmospheric harmonies of renowned musicians, Robert Fripp and Brian Eno, this piece materializes the euphoria of audial exploration into a vivid visual voyage. Zen Dageraad's artwork captures the meditative experience of a peaceful stroll through the 'Bosche Broek' in Den Bosch, anchored by a magnificent tree whose leaves rise from the ground. Just as Fripp and Eno's compositions possess a universal appeal, the artist reflects the simplicity and greatness of the tree through intricate detail and bold colors. At the heart of the art are branches painted in lively red, accented by shadowing purple lines that deepen where they intersect. The leaves, adorned with an array of pink, orange, light blue, dark blue, and dark green dots, contrast their light green background. Bathed in a sea of dark green, light green, and light blue dots against a dark blue expanse, the piece bears the signature, date, and number in vibrant hues of pink and orange. Art, like music, is an enigma; it isn't always meant to be understood but simply felt. As this piece is a mirror to Zen Dageraad's musical inspirations, the journey may resonate differently for each viewer, akin to a psychedelic trip.


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