#543 Artistic Failure

Zen Museum #543-Artistic Failure By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

this is not me

well actually it is

my family will tell you

it’s me

they can tell

it’s the mouth


whatever you see

this is not me

you see

i am no failure




my family will tell you

they agree

Immerse yourself in Zen Dageraad's introspective exploration of identity and artistic journey. The piece captures a poignant narrative through the written word and vivid visuals. Dageraad uses colors and figures to echo the sentiments conveyed in his striking poem. "This is not me," he begins, alluding to a face in the top right corner, its sadness underscored by a light red hue and a purple eye filled with longing. The intricacy lies in the details. Three arms, filled with darker red, extend from the head. Two hands, gesturing in a begging pose, carry 3 coins and an artwork bearing the creator's signature. A hint of self-doubt, perhaps, or a reflection of the commercial trials faced by Dageraad. Yet, his affirmations of artistic success are mirrored in the vibrant pink walls adorned with stark white paintings, and the dark blue door suggesting possibilities beyond. His work culminates with a second eye at the bottom, lighter purple and equally compelling, positioned next to a wall. Overhead, the split canvas casts a darker yellow shadow on the floor, as if it absorbs the sentiments echoed in the artwork. Despite its original title, 'commercial failure,' this piece effectively contests the notion of failure, both commercially and artistically.


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