#542 Crazy Gift Of Time

Zen Museum #542-Crazy Gift Of Time By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

so yes kevin

all this crazy gift of time

these birds

this life

the brightness

the celebration

the vibrant pink sun

would pale & fade

become meaningless


the reflection

the darkness

a pretty lame gift

Immerse yourself in Zen Dageraad's evocative artwork that masterfully encapsulates the essence of life and the paradox of existence. It's an extraordinary homage to Kevin Ayers' song, 'All This Crazy Gift Of Time', capturing the artist's perception of its profound celebration of life. The painting is dominated by a vibrant pink sun, nestled in a tranquil light green sky, embodying the brightness and celebration mentioned in the accompanying poem. Each brushstroke meticulously creates a tableau that resonates with the pulsating life energy of the song. Light red birds, outlined with the same vibrant pink, soar freely in the sky, their reflections mirrored in the dark green water below, adding a captivating depth to the artwork. Yet, the celebration wouldn't be as meaningful without the touch of darkness. The sun casts its reflection on the water with a darker hue, creating a contrast that brings to mind the lines of the poem, 'without the reflection, the darkness, a pretty lame gift'. The vibrant pink sun and the darkness of its reflection create a sublime dance between light and shadow, symbolizing the beauty and complexity of life's journey.


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