#539 Dogwalker Dawn

Zen Museum #539-Dogwalker Dawn By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

this one early morning


i stumbled upon

this dogwalker dawn

it was amazing

and i

dogless & leashless

an outsider observing

wanted to

capture this moment

and so i did

In the pre-dawn haze, an intricate work of art unfolds, captured with the keen eye of Zen Dageraad. A vibrant tableau, it personifies the simplicity of daily routine with a surrealistic twist. The canvas is alive with a face, outlined in a cool shade of blue, its straight-line mouth rendering it in silent contemplation. From this face extends an arm, its hue of lighter blue stark against the rest of the scene. A leash, seemingly tethered to a dog below, draws a dark line across the canvas, grounding the abstract. The dog, filled with a softer blue than its outline, gives off a sense of tranquility. Its features, too, are lines of a deeper shade of blue, echoing the dog walker's face. Below the pair, a delicate pink washes over the landscape, stark against the dog's darker shadow. The story continues, with a winding green-blue path extending across the canvas, leading our eyes to the rest of the scene. Above, a more energetic pink separates the path from the verdant sky peppered with orange dots. An orange sun lurks behind the tree and the face, lending an extra orange line to their bottoms, suggestive of a rising dawn. On the top left, a tree with a purple trunk and yellow leaves stands, its dark pink shadow stretching across the ground. It's a snapshot of an early morning, an ordinary scene captured in an extraordinary way. Zen Dageraad has given us a peek into his morning walk, a visual poem of the dogwalker at dawn.


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