#538 Flowerfield

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Zen Museum #538-Flowerfield By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

i found

this field of flowers

near the dieze

in den bosch


i was inspired


what they

might symbolize

so i drew eight


i am still thinking


what it might mean

Immerse yourself in Zen Dageraad's alluring exploration of color and symbolism. Strolling near the Dieze in Den Bosch, Zen Dageraad chanced upon a vibrant field of flowers. Their beauty stirred his creativity, inspiring him to capture their essence in a poignant illustration. The art features eight flowers, each symbolizing a thought, an emotion, still open to interpretation. Drawing on a palette of green, blue, pink, and orange, Zen Dageraad delineates each flower with striking contrasts. The green and blue flowers boast outlines that cast blue and green shadows respectively, filled with bold splashes of orange and pink. Similarly, the pink and orange flowers bear vivacious outlines of orange and pink shadows, their cores filled predominantly with blue and green. The background, though a mélange of all these colors, is dominated by varying shades of purple, setting a mesmerizing contrast against the vibrant blooms. From a soft lilac at the top to a rich purple at the bottom, the gradient forms a stunning backdrop for the symbolic eight.


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