#537 Too Early For Pro-Beggars

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Zen Museum #537-Too Early For Pro-Beggars By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

am i
too early?

i am

feeling like truman



don’t mind me

just missing my beggar lady sir

she’s usually right here

during business hours

i guess

where are you lady?

where did you go?

are you a business woman?

are you a pro?


but listen

i don’t blame you lady

i understand

Discover the emotional depth and vibrant imagination of Zen Dageraad with his captivating artwork inspired by a unique urban encounter. Early morning tranquility is cleverly juxtaposed against the usually bustling city life. The absence of an habitual figure, a 'professional' beggar, stirs unexpected curiosity and introspection within the observer. Zen's masterpiece is a compelling blend of vivid colors and rich textures. The dominant image, a pink head intricately detailed using four shades of pink and defined by a bold, dark red outline, brings an intense, raw emotion to the piece. The figure's closed eye and resting posture on two 'hands', clenched in a familiar stance of plea, add a hint of vulnerability and an air of quiet resignation. The background paints a soft contrast, where hues of yellow, green, and blue invite tranquility. Zen Dageraad's art not only engages viewers visually but also provides a poignant social commentary, echoing through the accompanying verse. This poem gracefully explores the introspective dialogue stirred by the missing beggar's absence, further enhancing the narrative of the art.


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