#536 Figures

Zen Museum #536-Figures By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

on just an

ordinary street

somewhere in den bosch

i saw

these two figures

looming largely

& casting

even larger shadows


making me think

of kees van dongen’s

painting of jack johnson

Step into the poetic realms of Zen Dageraad's vividly rendered landscape. Imagine yourself strolling along a verdant lane, lined with charming terraced houses exhibiting hues of vibrant red and soothing purple, their yellow-bordered windows and doors creating a harmonious contrast. Now envision two monumental figures, awash in differing shades of pink, sauntering along this picturesque pathway. These colossal forms cast blue shadows, each darker than the other, stretching all the way to the lane's end, resonating an eeriness that's both intriguing and captivating. Drawn by Zen Dageraad's encounter with an ordinary yet extraordinary street scene in Den Bosch, this artwork exudes a sense of familiarity laced with subtle other-worldliness. The scene, reminiscent of Kees van Dongen's representation of Jack Johnson, reflects the juxtaposition of the ordinary with the mystically extraordinary, stimulating deep, contemplative thoughts in the viewer. The mesmerizing sky, painted in the most delicate shade of blue, serves as the backdrop for this play of colours, sizes, and shadows. The peculiar, yet oddly comforting, composition of this piece invites us to reassess our perception of reality, encouraging us to find beauty in our daily, often overlooked, surroundings.


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