#535 Way Too Hot

Zen Museum #535-Way Too Hot By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

getting up

in the middle of the night

to draw

because it’s just

too hot

way too hot

just way way too hot

i am

sweating away

my face is clay

i am

melting away

Dive into Zen Dageraad's unique artistic interpretation of the sweltering summer heat. Experience an intense fusion of warm hues—fiery red, dark orange, and sun-kissed yellow—that sets a backdrop emulating the unforgiving heatwave. The piece evokes a feeling of waking up in the wee hours, seeking refuge in the slightly cooler atmosphere of the morning. In the heart of this visual symphony is an abstract face, meticulously outlined by a single blue line flanked by two lavender strokes. The face appears distorted, melting under the severe heat, with a jumbo eye shining red with a dash of yellow, reflecting the burning surroundings. A wide mouth, awash in rich purple hues, appears to emit a silent scream, underlining the intensity of the scene. Echoing the torment of the heat, sweat trails the face, etched in vibrant pink with a purple-blue contour. The hair, just a triplet, stands stiff, framing the surrealist portrait. The palette, predominantly green for the face, purple for the mouth, and pink for the tears, adds to the dramatic intensity, making the artwork a captivating ode to the relentless summer heat.

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