#534 Somebody Touched My Hair

Zen Museum #534-Somebody Touched My Hair By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

so one day

at the store

i am minding my own business

innocently buying oranges

& this lady

comes up to me &

touches my hair

just fucking touches my hair man

& tells me it’s beautiful

well thank you

i guess

you are


a nice lady

meaning well

making me blush

The essence of an awkward encounter through an imaginative blend of visuals and text. The artwork captures the innocent act of grocery shopping being interrupted by a stranger’s unwarranted touch. Zen Dageraad employs an expressive caricature with light blue hues, enhanced by the striking contrast of a dark blue border, to convey the protagonist's emotions. Red blush on the caricature’s face and the lengthening of four exaggerated brown hairs suggest both surprise and discomfort. Another arm, belonging to the intrusive lady, extends from the left, caressing the protagonist's hair. This interaction takes place under an unconventional light source, depicted in an arresting green with purple borders, casting green highlights and shadows on the figures and objects. The light also plays with the depth perception by interacting with the three yellow-tinted edges in the background. Zen Dageraad's use of color, shadow, and lines lends the piece an engaging depth, making a simple interaction profoundly resonant.


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