#540 Feet Out A Window

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Zen Museum #540-Feet Out A Window By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

den bosch

my favorite town

it’s got it all man

just taking a stroll

on an early sunday morning

i saw these feet

hanging out of a window

nothing bad

nothing scary


just a tad weirdly

out of the ordinary

Stroll through Zen Dageraad's vividly hued portrayal of an unusual sight in the charming town of Den Bosch, brought to life in distinctive colors. The artwork is dominated by a pair of yellow feet, etched with darker outlines, playfully dangling from an open window. The window sits amidst a building's facade, painted in soothing tones of light and dark red, contrasting against the surrounding vibrant pink and darker pink backgrounds. The room beyond the open window is a serene light blue, with a striking orange lamp casting an intriguing hue on all objects within its reach. Two window panes, colored with light green, add a refreshing contrast, flanked by two closed windows adorned with a darker green backdrop. The artwork resonates with the weirdly out-of-the-ordinary experience of finding such an unexpected sight on a calm Sunday morning. A unique spectacle captured in a whimsical fusion of color, portraying Den Bosch's diverse spirit.


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