#526 The Walrus

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Zen Museum #526-The Walrus By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad

am i the walrus?

perhaps i am

it’s crying


am i the sun?

perhaps i am

it’s blocked by clouds

i might be both

or neither

or just a vanless road

In the vibrant fusion of lyrical narrative and iconic imagery, Zen Dageraad uncovers the enigmatic profundity within the absurd. Reflecting the lyrical genius of The Beatles, a distinctive walrus takes center stage. Adorned in a modern Nike tee, it seems to laugh, yet its gaze averts, hinting at an unspoken melancholy. Tears well up, echoing the repeated refrain of 'I am crying' from the song that inspired the piece. Yet the scene ventures beyond the titular walrus. An obscured sun, cloud-shrouded, implies an additional identity, again drawn from the poignant words of John Lennon. Tucked quietly into the background, a vacant road waits with patient desolation, embodying the anticipation for an absent van. In his characteristic style, Zen Dageraad employs a trio of red hues to create a depth that hums quietly beneath the surface, the backdrop to this multisensory composition. Thus, the artwork is more than a visual display; it's a cryptic journey, an exploration of identity in the face of absurdity, captured masterfully.


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