#527 Windmill

Zen Museum #527-Windmill By Dutch Den Bosch Artist Zen Dageraad


on my way

to sasja’s house

my perspective


i saw how

a tiny windmill

& gigantic trees

transformed into

tiny little trees

& a gigantic


A compelling tribute to the timeless Dutch windmill - or wind turbine, as he affectionately terms it. Framed by towering trees dwarfed in its majesty, the windmill, drawn with immaculate detail, reigns supreme, echoing the artist's deep-rooted connection to this symbol of his homeland. His deft strokes breathe life into a panoramic landscape, illuminated under an unobstructed sun. Its brilliance subtly mirrored in the golden halo encircling the drifting clouds and reflected by the sun-kissed flowers gracing the foreground. These elements coalesce, achieving an illusion of depth - a testament to Zen Dageraad's keen eye for perspective. The accompanying verse resonates with this visual narrative. It tells a tale of a journey, where an ordinary encounter with a windmill magnifies into a transformative moment. As the poem echoes the windmill's enormity, it becomes a metaphor for shifting perspectives - a recognition of the colossal within the commonplace, artfully captured by Zen Dageraad.


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